As the owner of PRISM Investigations Phil Flores has vast experience in conducting investigations.  During a 28 year career in law enforcement Phil has worked a variety of assignments and received training in a great number of law enforcement and investigative related topics.  He has worked uniform, plain clothes, and undercover assignments all successfully.  Some of Phil’s assignments include Sexual Assaults Investigations, Background and Recruiting, Vice/Special Investigations, Training, and of course, Patrol

Along with the law enforcement experience Phil had more than 25 years of service in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve.  The last 5 years of that time was spent in Navy Intelligence as an Interrogator. During that tour of duty Phil spent many hours training and being trained to perform a very complex job.

Phil’s law enforcement career included:

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, San Jose, California

Deputy Sheriff (11/1979 to 02/1982)

Main Jail (Detention), Medium Security (corrections)

Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) a collateral assignment

The San Jose Police Department, San Jose, California

Officer (02/1982 to 03/2000)  Sergeant (03/2000 to 01/2008)

Patrol, Sexual Assaults Investigations, Recruiting and Background Investigations, Vice/Special Investigations, Training, Missing Persons Investigations,

Collateral Assignments; Rapid Deployment Team and Critical Incident Team

Law enforcement training included:

Background Investigations, CJTC EVC, San Jose, CA

Sexual Assaults Investigations, SJSU, San Jose, CA

Vice Investigations, SJSI, San Jose, CA

Vice Investigations, LAPD, Los Angeles, CA

Child Exploitation, DOJ, San Jose, CA

Informant Development & Management, DOJ, San Jose, CA

Advanced Surveillance Techniques, DOJ, Sacramento, CA

Dignitary Protection, DOJ, Sacramento, CA

Protection of Public Officials, California State Police, Sacramento, CA

Criminal Profiling, FBI, Santa Cruz, CA

Interview & Interrogations, BATI, Santa Rosa, CA

Interview & Interrogations, Public Safety Training Center, Sacramento, CA

Driver Training Simulator Instructor, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

High Speed Driver Training Instructor, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training, Denver, CO

Missing Exploited Children, Seattle, WA

Military training included:

Military Interrogation of Prisoners of War, AFRTC, Los Alamitos, CA

Field Interrogation Operations, Course, AFRTC, Los Alamitos, CA

Collateral Duty Instructor, NAS Alameda, CA

Navy Leadership Development Program, Treasure Island, CA

Military Trainer/Instructor:

Military Interrogation of Prisoners of War

Law Enforcement Trainer/Instructor:

Police Interview & Interrogation

Force Options Simulator Training

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Driver Training Simulator

Illegal Sports Wagering & Bookmaking, SJPD Vice Academy


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About Phil Flores

Owner/Qualified Manager PRISM Investigations

Prior Agencies

Jose PD

Retired 2008

Santa Clara Sheriff’s

Retired San

US Navy

Retired 1980

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